SKYPRO GROUND SERVICES is a paragon of safe transfers

Time is one of the most valuable resources. Proper management of this resource is perhaps one of the leading qualities of a good leader, manager, and businessman. Some managers may say that the main thing is to always be the first, while some managers say that the main thing is to always be on time. “We at SKYPRO GROUND SERVICES have been working in the business aviation market for eight years, providing efficient and comfortable transportation for crews and aviation personnel in Moscow” says Natalya Gulyaeva, Director General of SKYPRO GROUND SERVICES LLC.

Moscow is a multi-million city with traffic jams in the morning, daytime, evening, and even at night. The airports, like the watchtowers, are located at diametrically opposite ends of the city. We all know that time windows can sometimes unexpectedly narrow sharply due to circumstances or changing plans, leaving just minutes to get around the city. Of course, in such cases, you can use a taxi service: call for one, wait, search for the right car in the parking lot, then the long exit from the airport, while following a route provided by a navigator. There are also questions that you might have about the service: when was the last time the car in which you are traveling had a technical checkup? Who is your driver? How much sleep did they get before getting behind the wheel and giving you a ride? Does anyone even guarantee that you will arrive on time? How should you pay for the trip? Right, why look for a taxi, be tormented by similar issues and waste valuable resources and time if you can simply delegate your decisions to professionals. 

Dedicated and specialized business aviation transportation is not only safe, but also efficient  as well as being comfortable for crew and flight personnel. The level of comfort provided by the transportation affects the quality of work provided by the crew and the safety of passengers on board of the business aircraft. 

Today it is especially important to work exclusively with trusted partners and service providers, trusting the professionals with your time, comfort, and even health. SKYPRO GROUND SERVICES will act as such a partner for you transportation needs. 

SKYPRO GROUND SERVICES provides services exclusively for the business aviation sector, in particular, those engaged in the transfer of pilots and flight personnel. The company has its own fleet of Volkswagen vans equipped with everything necessary for comfortable trips. They are staffed by drivers with many years of driving experience. All company employees undergo daily medical examinations. In the cars social distance is maintained and items for the safe transportation of passengers are also provided: antiseptic solutions for hands and disposable medical masks. 

The management of the company provides round-the-clock support for drivers and customers, ensuring prompt delivery of cars and the optimal choice of routes. Support is provided in both Russian and English. All the necessary documentation is provided in a timely manner. Terms of cooperation are negotiated individually with each customer. SKYPRO GROUND SERVICES employees understand the value of your time and strive to ensure that the company's customers can use their time as effectively as possible. Keep control in the sky, trust SKYPRO on the ground.

The company is part of the SKYPRO alliance, operating under a single international brand in the civil aviation market since 2006. The Alliance provides aviation services in Russia and Europe including: sale of aircraft, organization of charter flights, aviation consulting, operation and maintenance of aircraft and helicopters, aircraft management and ground handling.

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